Truth to Power 6 August 16th -September 16th, 2018

2018 marks our sixth year of the Truth to Power exhibit and the show is more relevant than ever. This year's exhibit, juried by Sarah Schroth, the Director of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, features 17 NC guest artists as well as works by the Pleiades member artists.

Sarah Schroth Juror Statement

Pleiades Arts: Truth to Power

I was honored to be asked to serve as juror for the “Truth to Power” exhibition organized by Pleiades Arts, the sixth annual show they have organized on the subject of social justice. Inviting visual artists to think about this topic is a worthy cause, especially in these turbulent times. The seventeen artists chosen and on exhibit here demonstrated, to my eye, a balance of style and content and an ability to express their thoughts in a skillful visual form. These seventeen individual expressions range widely. Some are close to home, all are immediately relevant. The subjects address many injustices in our society: racial and gender bias, environmental pollution, gun control in schools, and wealth and power, or lack thereof. The role (and control) of the media is also seen in several works. Some artists provide for us a sort of psychic distance from the disturbing subject through their manipulation of the elements of style—line, volume, shape, texture, color, light, composition. Others risk a personal statement, poignantly, heartbreakingly, portrayed. 

These works make every viewer ask what social (in)justice means to them. What topic would you choose?  Do you detect a tinge of fatalism or hope?

Truth to Power 6 Juried Artists Ariyah April Bethany Bash Derrick Beasley Tom Buhrman Hannah Butler Beverly Calhoun Alexander Clark David Davenport Kiki Farish Malcolm Goff Mary Kamerer Bruce Mitchell Manny Perez Beatrice Ruggeri Eric Saunders Juan Scivally

David Zimmerman--